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Types of shoes you should own!

Updated: Apr 29

Ever wondered why you have only sneakers, numerous flats and never seem to wear anything else? Fear not, here’s my list of shoes you definitely should own. I tried being practical with this one while still trying to keep up with trends.

Slip ons

This is exactly what it sounds like; the type of shoe you slip on your feet and head out the door. Picking a type of shoe that resonates with your own style will do wonders! You will be confident and comfortable. Whether converse shoes or ballet looking like flats, the trick however is to invest in this kind of shoe. (I’m not saying buy the most expensive shoe in the store!) I mean look for a durable pair. Something easy to clean perhaps? This will cut the time you spend cleaning your shoes. You could resort to buy 2 or 3 pairs as you will wear them quite often.


I admit, I just recently jumped on the bandwagon of this one! and yes it immediately made me realise what I’ve been missing out on and why not share this with everyone else? whispers *you need a pair of sandals*. Wearing closed shoes frequently may make you develop bunions or even blisters! (not a doctor) Not to mention the numerous infections you are prone to. I personally don’t like showing my heels or toes. But if I were to choose, I’d rather have my heel out other than my toes, cos I no longer paint my toenails. 


If you have a booty, you deserve a bootie. Haha. Sorry I just had to. Anyway, my point is you should have boots in your closet. It will always rain. And if you live in Nairobi or Kenya at large, you definitely need no convincing. You might want to get some hands on rain boots. Most boots are not suitable for mud and rain. 

Avoid going in the rain with your satin,suede or leather boots. Utajikaranga! (literally-you’ll stew yourself).

Running shoes

Sneakers, sport shoes, gym shoes or even tennis shoes? Call them whatever you’d like. These shoes are a staple in your wardrobe. When going for a hike, travelling, running errands or even good old gyming! you’ll be thankful for this kind of shoes. With the sporty trend washing over the whole world like some kind of spell you’ll look trendy too. Comfort is always key. I have an embarrassing confession. In an effort to look trendy, I bought running shoes that were quite small for me. Trust my dad to call me out on this one and actually purchase a fitting pair for me. Needless to say, buy shoes that fit. Or else be prepared for bruises and bunions (yikes!).

Formal pair of heels

Stilettos, chunky heels, kitten heels, court shoes. Whether you are just a freshman or have a steady 9 to 5, you need these shoes. These are the kind of shoes you wear to meetings, dinners or even interviews. It’s not really a staple, but for my girls out there who like to look good or are just a tad extra, this one’s for you! One of the most important lessons you will have to learn by yourself is walking in heels. We all had to learn at some point and look funny in the process and some of us were on the verge of breaking legs too but we finally mastered the art. Always start low and thick. Being safe is first priority if you have never worn any kind of heel in your life. Choose a heel that is an inch out of your comfort zone and wear them for a limited time of your day. From there work your way up from time to time. Heels are just sexy and you feel even sexier wearing them. Don’t shy away!

Strappy pair of heels

This is another one which is not a staple. But they come in handy if you are going to a party, church or brunch! I love brunches. Although I don’t go as often as I would like, when I do…. It’s a partay! There are several types of heels to choose from. Don’t limit yourself. And if you’re a beginner, no one’s taking notes. Start small and work your way up. I personally prefer chunkies.. stilettos are not that comfortable especially if you do not drive… 

P.S. I know it's the same kind of shoes for formal and strappy pair of heels. But I think I can cheat with these cos they are can pass as both formal and strappy. What do you think?

What type of shoes did I forget? tell me in the comments below! cheers x

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