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Pants on fire!

Updated: Jul 23

Yes, this blog post is about liars, don’t you just hate them! Haha just kidding! This is all about pants that are fire. That you should definitely own. Well, if you want to. Can you believe that just 70 years ago women couldn’t really wear pants in most parts of the world? Only women workers wore trousers to ease working. Ridiculous right? The first spread of a woman wearing pants appeared in Vogue 1939! And to think of the type of pants that exist for women today! Imagine a world without that. Ha! Women are definitely more fun (no offence men, boy child all the way as well)

Anyway, enough with the chit chat. Letz get down to bizniz. I love pants! The versatility, the freedom and everything else you can think of. Here I’m gonna break down types of pants I own that I think you should own too. Cos you know, sharing is caring!

Good old denim

Who doesn’t love denim? Actually, scratch that! I know one person I’ve never seen in denim. But then again, denim shirts also count! Ok, everyone loves denim. And if you don’t you probably should. Denim screams casual. I love being casual. Really, I have to find a job I can wear whatever I want, or else I would be seriously depressed. Here, I feature these mum denim joggers. I’ve been searching for mum jeans for the longest time ever, but every pair I find never seemed to fit me, that was until I found these denim joggers. I had to do some adjustments at the tailor’s but it was worth it! There’s a place in my heart for skinnies but this style of jeans is seriously comfortable. I pair the pants with a ruched checked cami, a fluffy cardigan and white canvas.


First of all, this name is just a mouthful. I’m not even sure I say it right. Haha. Anyway, these are basically three quarter palazzo pants. I’m unfortunately not so fond of palazzos. Maybe it’s just that I haven’t found a flattering pair but for now, I prefer culottes. They look good on my short frame! (I don’t mind being short btw). If you’re short like me or really do not like palazzo pants, I’d recommend you try out culottes. They are perfect for casual sunny days at school, hanging out and even last-minute brunches. Here I pair these printed culottes with a bandeau and finish the look with a distressed denim jacket.

Normal pants, with a twist

There is a pair of trousers I should have featured here, but unfortunately, they were stolen. Anyway, these are exactly what they sound like. Here, mine have a flare in which there is a cut-out detail. That’s the twist I’m talking about. Yours might have some fancy detail at the waist, a crazy flare at the hem, even frills! As long as they are pants they fall in this category. here, I pair the pants with an off-the-shoulder sweater top and black sandals.


I just jumped on the bandwagon of this one and I couldn’t be more thrilled. There was once a time I was a tomboy. Those days are not far behind, once in a while I pull a look here and there. The fact that you can dress joggers and look bad*** or chic is why I love joggers so much. Some girls are made of flowers in their hair, others are made of timberland boots and others are just a wild cocktail. That’s the beauty of the female species, we’re so diverse! These joggers have a ruched detail at the ankle which I really love! I dialled back a bit and went for an easy look, pairing these blush pair of joggers with a black crop top. I’d, however, advise anyone to wear these pants with a bodysuit, it makes everything sleek. But it’s never a big deal, work with what you have.

Casual Official pants

All them gathered waist pants, paper-bag waist pants and cigarette pants fall under this category. These are pants that can pass as casual or official pants. They remove the pleats of the business world in the process making you look stylish. Here, however, I dress these striped trousers down, cos that’s just more my style. I pair it with a sleeveless gold dust top and black peep-toe boots which gave birth to an amazing colour combo. Throw a denim jacket on and the finished product is a smart casual outfit. Cigarette pants are also a win, especially with fitted fancy tops or bodysuits.

Hope this post inspires you or helps you in some way! cheers x

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