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6 tricks to look your best everyday

Updated: Apr 29

Do you struggle with looking your best every day? Or do you just want to look good every day? Do not despair, I got you sorted. Looking good will soon be your forte with these six tricks I'm sharing. Enjoy :)

1.Confidence is key!

I know! Cliché and all, but confidence does go a long way. Whatever you wear, always feel confident in it. Whether it’s a pair of gym leggings or a crop top, the moment you decide to wear it out, make sure you carry your confidence along! The trick is to try and not pull stunts when you’re feeling blue.

The day you are happiest, is probably the day you should try something you have never before. You are less likely to overreact to someone else’s opinion. Remember as long as you feel good it in, no one has the right to take that away from you!

2.Iron! Iron! Iron!

Ironing is so boring, and let’s be honest, you can easily get away with that wrinkly dress. Who will know? And if they do so what? Haha, I don't really like ironing. But wearing an ironed outfit gives you one less thing to think about and also an extra boost of confidence. You might want to iron your ootd before you sleep. This will save you lots of time the next morning. Steamers are also an adequate option, but seriously, where can you find them in Nairobi?

3. Clean your shoes!

Shoes speak volumes! This is another area many will frown at, but has great impact on how you look. During the weekend I take it upon myself to clean all the shoes I wore during the week. And during the week, if I know I’m going to wear the exact pair of shoes as yesterday, I always clean them immediately I get home.

(We have a strict no dirty shoes in house policy at home!) Clean shoes complete your look and make you look like you put effort in your appearance.

4. Matchy matchy!

I always try to match my outfits. This really syncs in everything. The trick is to match your top with shoes. It doesn’t have to be the same colour. But the colours should at least complement each other. Like the picture below, I match white sandals and a denim shirt.

side note: did you know there's a difference between a chambray and a denim shirt?

You can also choose to match bottoms and shoes Like I do below. still my white sandals but with a pair of stripped trousers. I always try to have a pop of colour and not wear my entire wardrobe palette. That is unless i'm heading to a themed event say for instance Thriftsocial's Colour Blocking event at The Alchemist?

5. Have an aha piece

Whatever I wear, I always try to have an aha! Piece. Sounds like hard work? It really isn’t. Whether it’s a nice coloured bag, or some strappy sandals or even over the top earrings or neck pieces. Invest in neutral jewellery or accessories. This can literally take an outfit to the next level. Below is an all black outfit (which I'm always a fan of) and my aha piece is my yellow bag! Another of my aha! pieces is my pair of Floris van Bommel wingtips. They turn any basic outfit I wear into magic!

6. Less is more!

Another cliché! But just hear me out. Wearing all your slogan clothing items or all your accessories at a go, might not be the smartest thing to do. Try to wear your accessories or colours to match the rest of the outfit. When you find that none of your accessories complements your outfits, this is a reason to be more thoughtful with your purchases in future. Avoid buying stuff cos it looks nice on her and you think it will definitely look better on you. Instead, buy something you know will complement at least three or more outfits you already own. I personally like dainty chokers. I have staple accessories that go with almost anything I choose to wear. I also like geometrical shaped earrings, I think they somehow make a bold statement.

Bonus: Your clothes fit is literally everything.

The way your clothes fit you or drape on your body is everything. Do you have a lot of clothes but you still struggle with what to wear every day? This might be because the clothes you own do not fit you the way you’d like. Again, if you are a victim of this, you might want to put more thought in the type and size of clothes you purchase. Don’t buy it if you know very well it won’t fit you. We both know you won’t “make it work”. Purchase with purpose!

Do you have tricks of your own? share with me down below x.

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