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Kikuletwa Hot Springs: Hidden gem in Tanzania

Earlier this year, right before the pandemic hit Nairobi, I visited Kikuletwa Hot Springs (Chemka) in Moshi, Tanzania as part of a weekend trip from Nairobi to Moshi, Arusha and back. I'm happy to say it was an amazing experience and as far as adventures go, I consider this one right there among the top. But was it worth it? Read along to find out how my experience was and what to expect.

Trip details

I went on this trip with a travel company, Kenya Outdoors. We started our journey on Saturday morning at 8 am (due to African timers) and by afternoon (2.30 pm) we were crossing the Tanzanian border at Oloitoktok. If you are interested to book a similar trip, contact Jackson on 0721140771. Kikuletwa was the main point of the trip but we also visited Kinakumori Marangu Waterfall upon arrival in Moshi on Saturday.

Location and Accessibility

Kikuletwa Hot Spring (Chemka) is located in Hai, which is found between Moshi and Arusha. Getting to the hot springs is quite a hassle as the place is quite interior and the road leading there is undeveloped. You will need a 4 wheel vehicle capable of going offroad if you choose to take the trip on your own. If you enjoy nature, you may enjoy the various types of indigenous shrubs, bushes and trees along the way, just make sure to ask directions since there are no clear indicators.

Description of the place

The waters in Kikuletwa are blue and deep. I had a difficult time swimming since swimming is against the current, so I opted to hire a floater. If you are an expert swimmer, you will have lots of fun since swimming in the water is quite a challenge and there is also a makeshift diving swing that you can do some amazing diving tricks on. One of the highlights of my trip was being fed on by the tiny fishes found in the waters especially when I hanged around along the banks. The fishes give a tickling sensation which I over enjoyed but some people found it overwhelming.

Things to note

Entry charges to the Hot Springs are approximately Tshs. 5,000 (around Ksh. 250) which I think is a huge bargain. The area is not as developed as you would expect it to be. There are no changing rooms on-site so you may want to wear your swimsuit underneath your normal clothes before. Sadly, the water is not hot, but at least it is warm and pleasant. The seats and tables are made from wood and are not in very good condition. On a busy day, you may miss a lounging seat and table and have to improvise. Limited food vendors who use wood to cook are on site so you may need to carry your own food or place your order right when you arrive.

Worth it or naah?

My experience at Kikuletwa was definitely worth it although I am not an expert swimmer. We went on a busy day, but I was with a friend who had been there before, so we changed beforehand, got a place to sit and got food in good time. I really enjoyed the little fishes feeding away at my dead skin. I would highly recommend this trip.

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