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How to choose what to wear

Updated: Apr 29

Always looking to help you out with your outfit problems over here! Do you have trouble choosing what to wear? This post is right up your alley!

Matchy! Matchy!

Honestly, this is the easiest way to figure out what to wear. Matching your outfit always works. I talked about this here. Find a white t-shirt and white shoes and you’re good to go.

It is easier to match similar colours however you could also match colours that complement each other. Like white and yellow or baby blue and yellow like I did on the left. In my previous post I mention how to hack this trick in detail, so make sure you check it out if you would like to expound on this.

Fave babe!

Everyone or almost.. has a few select favourite items in their closet. A few select might even have a whole wardrobe of favourite clothes! If you are the former, try and incorporate one of your favourite items on days you have no idea what to wear.

These might range from things like clothing, jewellery, bags, shoes or even undergarments. (Wearing your favourite bra under a normal shirt can immediately make you feel and look better.)Bags and shoes complement outfits seamlessly. A nice bag or pair of shoes can brighten your outfit.


Prints can make or break an outfit. But when you can’t choose what to wear, prints can come in handy. All you need to do is balance the print. Prints always look best with neutrals or black or white. They make the printed item stand out. Of course, you could mix two or more prints, but it’s quite difficult to win with this one. alternatively, you could wear prints suit. Ankara prints make the best suits, but still, only specific prints can be transformed into suits. Below I pair this red shirt with my fave dark wash jeans.

Whether the weather!

A good place to start when you can’t choose what to wear is looking at the weather forecast, specifically of the place you are heading to. Haven’t you come across people in short shorts during the rainy season? Or in skirts during a windy day? Apart from damaging your health, you are not looking good in the process! Keeping the weather in mind will not only scale down the outfits you have to choose from but it will help you dress weather appropriately (thus increasing your chances of being alive in the 22nd-century :). Wear stockings or thigh high socks under skirts or dresses during windy days or even under short shorts when it’s raining.

Below is a weather-appropriate ootd...

How do you choose what to wear? let me in in the comments! cheers x

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