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Are most of your days ending with a lingering feeling of unproductiveness or feelings of regret on how you used your time? Are you finding it difficult to change? Then this post is for you! The following are just some of the ways that can help you be more productive in whatever you do.


Self-reflection is a vital part of productivity. This is to help you know where you’re coming from and where you would like to be. It may also open your eyes to things you need to do to get where you want to be. Taking some time by yourself is a good way to self-reflect. You could do this through an evening stroll in a quiet place or even silently in your room, with a candle burning. The important thing is to be thorough with yourself. Try to acknowledge and accept your past mistakes while devising how to be better in the future.

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Set Goals

To be more productive, you need to know what you are working towards. Many of us go through our days, weeks, months and years like zombies with no predetermined goals. This is very dangerous because it leaves room for dust to pile up in the vacant areas of your life and may eventually steer you in the wrong direction. The year just began the other day, and although we are almost done with January, it’s still not late to set goals for the year. For a first time Goal-setter, you have quite a lot of options to help you out. I would recommend The Year Ahead which is a pdf booklet by Year Compass you could get online for free. This booklet will help you reflect on the past year and plan for the current year. Vision boards are another alternative. They can be made from a simple cardboard box on which you would then stick printed items of what you would want to achieve this year, it can be pictures of a workout guru who inspires you or even a picture of the sports car you’re working towards. You could also try out Bullet journaling which is all about highlighting your days in short sentences.

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Plan your time ahead

Many of us do not work with plans and yet we still wonder why most of our days aren’t productive. When you plan, that is by writing a task down, you commit yourself to do it at a particular time. By not planning, you simply act according to your feelings. Previously, I thought I could make a plan in my head and just go along with it, but consecutive wasted days of feeling unproductive led me to change my ways and explore planning. Although I haven’t fully mastered the craft, I can already notice a tremendous change in my productivity. If you’re new to planning I suggest you find a nice template on Pinterest which can be daily or weekly and print several out. Filling this out could help you keep track of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. Alternatively, you could make use of a digital calendar where you could also put reminders, which is my personal fave. Below are examples of templates you can find on Pinterest.

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Avoid Multi-tasking

Society has made us think that multi-tasking is a necessity and if you can’t do it you’re lacking in some sense. But there’s no point in doing several things at a go in the name of multi-tasking when the result is a half-baked task. When you focus on one task at a time, you’re likely to do far much better than when doing a couple or several tasks at a go. Plan your time and execute the planned task at the planned moment and watch your productivity improve!

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Invent a reward/punishment system

After you segment your time and allocate various tasks to it, you will need very high self-discipline to make sure you actually do what you set out to do. Most of us aren’t that self-disciplined and thus inventing a reward and punishment system could help us accomplish our tasks. However, you still have to be strict with yourself in inventing this system. Appoint a friend to help you out if you feel you will be lenient to yourself or you will slack. It is also important that the system is balanced and not extreme. But the punishment could be a little dire to encourage you to carry out your planned tasks.  Generally, rewards can range from anything you like doing while punishments can be taking away a reward or even something that's good for you but you do not like doing it, for instance, an extra hour at the gym. Below is an example of an Introvert's reward card.

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It is quite challenging to train yourself to choose what you need instead of what you want. I think it’s even more difficult to separate the things you want but really do not need. It still comes down to self-discipline. Most of us, for instance, are quick to judge others and gossip about them while our lives are in desperate need of fixing, the most common case of misplaced priorities if you ask me. Train yourself to distinguish wants from needs and also plan your life, time and resources in accordance with your priorities to hack this. 

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Remember, a habit done for 21 consecutive days is easily mastered! So start planning today and keep it up for only 3 weeks and it will be naturally instilled into you. Hope this post helps you to be more productive! cheers, x

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