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A touch of red

Updated: Jul 23

Red is one of the few colours which indicate a multitude of things. During Christmas, red symbolizes love and warmth or maybe the blood Jesus shed depending on who you’re asking. This Christmas, I’m attempting to be in the festive mood by embracing the colour. It is not a popular colour in my closet and thus the little surprise at the end *wink*. Here's how I'll be adding a touch of red into my life;

Red bag

Red bags easily add a pop of colour to an outfit. They especially pop when paired with dark or muted colours. The red bag in the pictures is a large coin purse with a fancy embellishment from a manufacturer I am still trying to decipher. One of my thrift finds as usual. When paired with an all-black outfit, the bag will definitely stand out.

Red shoes

Red shoes are another perfect way to add colour to your outfit. Whether its heels or Ngomas, you will definitely be noticed! Ngomas are a staple in everyone’s closet. Aside from being relatively comfortable, they can be paired up with almost anything. I had to scout around town to get this red pair because they are always sold out in my size. I cannot wait to style them!

Red clothes

Red clothes are for the bold. You will not go unnoticed when you wear red clothing items so bring along your confidence. The white flower pattern on this red shirt is just the right amount of Christmas and since it's large I can eat more than enough comfortably!

Red Accessories

Wearing colourful accessories is a good way to introduce colour in your wardrobe. Red earrings, red belts and even sunglasses add a subtle hint of colour to outfits. My go-to belt is red and I always notice how it adds a little colour to whatever I wear. The subtle hint goes a long way. Red sunglasses bring attention to eyes which is good to draw attention to the face, perhaps to flaunt a new hairstyle.

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Home-made Strawberry Daiquiri

What better way to end a list than a recipe for a ‘red’ cocktail.

Ingredients you will need

½ cup of Ice cubes

100ml (2 shots) of white rum (Malibu is a game-changer)

100g ripe strawberries

¼ cup of lemon/lime juice


Toss all ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth.

Serves 2. Serve chilled.

image sourced from Pinterest. credits to savour the flavour

Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for my 12 days of Christmas!

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