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Accessories I'm eyeing

Updated: Apr 29

Being a Blogger is quite difficult, to be honest. Since I'm also juggling school/my ending undergraduate days on the side, I have to be more smart and conscious about my purchases. And for that reason, here are some of the accessories I'm currently eyeing but still saving up for!

    1. Hats

Hats have always had a soft spot in my heart, but oddly enough, I barely own any! However, I'm changing this soon! I went Window shopping and saw the perfect sun hat at the Woolworth's in Yaya! Altho its quite pricey, I'm on the lookout for a sale, which will hopefully help me own this!

 2. Sunglasses

I'm a sunglasses Enthusiast, I've owned more than I could ever recall! broken some, lost some, still have some... They are very essential in my accessories collection. Aside from that, they protect my eyes and prevent me from squinting my eyes into permanent slits!! Anyway, I'm currently eyeing a few pairs, the black-rimmed cat-eye frames from Woolworth's (they may be out of stock, couldn't find a pic), the white-rimmed cat-eye frames from Mr.Price and the leopard rimmed rectangular cat eyes from Beauty Galore

(Second picture courtesy of Beauty Galore)            

    3. Chokers

I really love necklaces and chokers! I feel they add just a little something to an Outfit! As such I've been eyeing several silver chokers from Woolworth's. The first is a set and the second is a single choker. I have so much silver jewellery that these would fit right Into my scheme of accessories!

4. Belts

This is another thing I own in quite plenty. I have several belts, and I use them all!! I have my third eye set on a designer dupe although I'm not sure which one to buy as of yet! I promised myself that I would only ever wear a real Gucci belt, so it definitely won't be that!! But for now, I am trying to choose between one of these corset belts or the double buckle belt all sold at Forever Trendy!! Please help me decide!

(Pictures courtesy of Forever Trendy) 

    5. Earrings

I recently lost my favourite triangular earrings so stupidly, that I'm still mad at myself when I think about it. Replacing them will probably be one of these pairs from Woolworth's or the one below on the left from Beauty Galore that I'm completely obsessed with! They won't replace the spot in my heart for the triangular ones, but they will definitely spice me up!!

 (Last picture courtesy of Beauty Galore)

What have you been eyeing? Drop me a comment to inspire me! XO

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