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Sweater Weather!

Updated: Jul 23

Keeping warm is key in the current weather conditions in Nairobi. But you don’t have to wear your blankets out on these streets. Keep reading to find out how to stay in style while keeping warm as well.

Dare to bare!

Most people like to cover themselves head to toe in these prevailing weather conditions. Just cos its cold or chilly doesn’t mean you can’t show a little skin. Altho this is only for the brave-hearted, the ones who dare to bare some skin. Cold shoulder and off-shoulder sweaters comfortably fall under this group. Here though, I feature a wrap sweater, baring part of my chest open. I wear a caged bra underneath so that there’s something interesting peaking through. I finish the look with my white boyfriend jeans and my all-time favourite peep-toe boots.


What better time to showcase some fun prints than when you have to be completely covered up! While prints may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they easily spice up an outfit. The trick is to wear one print at a time. Of course, you can wear two or more prints at a go, but I would suggest working your way up from one print. Prints are best worn with neutral colours or a colour featured in the print. Here, I feature a semi cheetah print sweater. I pair the sweater with a pair of white jeans that makes the print stand out better.

Fluffy Sweaters

Sometimes the weather needs to make up its mind (hot and cold patterns) and as such its vital to play it safe. That is, wearing normal short-sleeved shirts and other tops that are not necessarily warm. To keep warm, you could wear fluffy cardigans to cover up your un-warm clothes and in case the sun makes an appearance, all you have to do is take off your cardigan and enjoy some vitamin D. Here, I feature this white fluffy cardigan under a black t-shirt that provides the perfect amount of warmth when worn on or off the shoulders.

Long-sleeved tops

Long-sleeved tops are basic in every person’s wardrobe. They are very versatile pieces of clothing. They can be worn when you’re cold when you have allergies or even chickenpox! Everyone should at least own a bodycon long-sleeved top. They are great to tuck into jeans or any kind of pants. Here, I wear my favourite long-sleeved top into black pants and finish with my wingtips. All-black outfits are my fave. (All black every day any day.)

Distressed long sleeves

This is just an extension of long sleeveless. I must admit rugged isn’t for everyone but if you dare to try it, you might just like it. The trick is to have subtle distresses especially if its not really your thing. A hint of distress can do wonders with the right outfit. As long as you don’t wear it when going for interviews or any official event, you should be good to go! Here, I feature this striped distressed long-sleeved top that I tuck into my mum jogger jeans and together it’s a pretty cool outfit for a cold day.

Denim craze

I don’t think this would be my blog post if I don’t feature denim! Denim is the king of casual. And there’s nothing more I love like being casual and comfortable. Denim jackets can be worn over long-sleeved tops or t-shirts. These are quite like fluffy sweaters but less warm unless the jacket has a wool lining inside. Here, I feature my collarless denim jacket under my long-sleeved top and wear sweatpants as bottoms. (There’s nothing as cosy as a pair of sweatpants.)

Hope this gives you some ideas on how to stay warm and in style! catch you in the next one! cheers x

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